Executive Chef Reeves Wins Regional Gold Medal Award

UCR’s Executive Chef Burke Reeves

UC Riverside Executive Chef Burke Reeves brought home a gold medal award after winning a March regional competition.

Reeves competed in the Pacific & Continental Regional National Association of College and University Food Services Conference in Salt Lake City. He will now move onto the national competition, scheduled for July in Providence, Rhode Island.

This marks the first time UCR won a regional conference culinary competition.

Reeves competed against 15 chefs. He said he was nervous since it was his first regional conference culinary competition, but was organized, well-rehearsed, and disciplined. There were six chef judges observing him during the 60-minute competition, and an additional four-chef tasting panel.

Reeves’ winning dish was “Ocean’s Garden,” which he described as: Delightful and aromatic Little Neck clams in a matcha green tea miso broth infused with hickory smoke and topped with a crystal glass dome. There is a delicate aspect of the dish because if the broth is too hot, it changes the profile of the miso paste. Then is it combined with sweet Thai chili ponzu oyster shooters. The oysters are served chilled over pink salt crystals. It also included spicy squid, kombu, togarashi fried egg and vegetable sauté, served warm. They were combined and plated on a single plate.

-Sandra Baltazar Martinez

Spintronics Expert Invited Symposium Speaker for International Conference

Igor Barsukov, an assistant professor of physics and astronomy.

Igor Barsukov, an assistant professor of physics and astronomy, is an invited symposium speaker at the 21st International Conference on Magnetism, which will take place July 16-20 in San Francisco. More than 2000 attendees from all over the world, including leading experts on magnetism, are expected at the conference. Barsukov, who studies condensed matter physics, will speak on “Condensation of magnons by spin Seebeck currents” during a session devoted to magnetic insulators. A spintronics expert, Barsukov came to UCR from UC Irvine in 2016. His lab designs magnetic nanoscale devices and uses microwave/terahertz spectroscopy to study spin dynamics and spin transport.

-Iqbal Pittawala

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