$2 Million NSF Grant to Modernize Big Data Management

UC Riverside to lead research for the joint grant with UC Irvine

Ahmed Eldawy, Vagelis Christidis, Vassilis Tsotras (Left to Right)

Three Marlan and Rosemary Bourns College of Engineering professors have been awarded a $2 million grant from the National Science Foundation to study how to efficiently store and query big data, an effort that could revolutionize the way the world uses large amounts of information.

The joint grant is led by computer science and engineering professors Vagelis Christidis, Vassilis Tsotras and assistant professor Ahmed Eldawy and includes team members from UC Irvine.

“The impact of big data and the way organizations manage and derive insights from it is changing and we need to get ahead of this transformation,” said Christidis. “This project addresses the high cost of managing big data, by creating more efficient and cost-effective processing techniques.”

We live in the era of big data, where companies and institutions store and process large amounts of information, ranging from social media to sensor data. Storing and querying this data can be expensive due to hardware needs and energy costs for operation. Researchers will study ways to improve the performance of big data management systems, reducing equipment and energy costs, as well as design and evaluate flow control policies to dampen or eliminate the notoriously burst data ingestion behavior that Log-Structured-Merge Tree (LSM)-based storage structures exhibit.

The successful completion of this work will allow users to manage more data with the existing hardware infrastructure, which is critical given the new wave of big data being generated by sensors and the Internet-of-Things. The project will capitalize on the student diversity at two Hispanic Serving Institutions, and contribute to broadening the participation of under-represented groups in the research process.  

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