Experts Available on Supreme Court Affordable Care Act Decision

UC Riverside scholars can comment on variety of topics, including impact of health care bill on nation’s health and access to affordable health care

Photo shows U.S. Supreme Court.

The U.S. Supreme Court

RIVERSIDE, Calif. — A Supreme Court ruling is expected tomorrow regarding the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act.  How would the ruling, whichever way it comes down, impact the economics of health care? How does the health care bill impact the health of the nation, especially the most vulnerable citizens?  Does the State have the right to say you must get health insurance even if you don’t want it?

The following scholars at the University of California, Riverside are available to discuss the ruling and its consequences:

John Cioffi, associate professor of political science
Accessible by email only at due to travel

Cioffi can comment on whether Congress has the right to require U.S. citizens to get health insurance.  He can also discuss whether health care can be considered a part of commerce and can weigh in on how the Supreme Court ruling might impact President Obama’s chances for a second term. His research interests include: law and political economy; comparative corporate governance; comparative public law and regulation; comparative political economy; and legal and regulatory reform.

Mindy Marks, associate professor of economics
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Marks studies health care economics and can talk about essential components of reform as a matter of public policy, particularly the necessity of individual insurance mandates in health care reform.

G. Richard Olds, M.D., vice chancellor of health affairs and dean, School of Medicine
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Dr. Olds can comment on access to affordable health care and how the ruling will affect this access.  He can also comment on the challenges that need to be met to address the physician workforce shortage in the country and particularly in medically underserved areas.  He is developing pipeline programs at UC Riverside to bring more diversity into the medical profession, transforming the orientation of medical education to emphasize cultural competency, prevention and outcomes, and serving as a catalyst to improve the health of inland Southern California, an area that fares poorly in several health indicators. Says Olds: “No matter the outcome of the Supreme Court’s decision on the Affordable Care Act, the nation’s healthcare system will move toward changes that will improve quality and lower cost, with or without the individual mandate for health coverage.”

Emma Simmons, M.D., associate dean of student affairs, School of Medicine
(951) 827-7663

Dr. Simmons can comment on the health care bill and its impact on the health of the country, especially the most vulnerable citizens.  She serves as academic and personal advisor to medical students and undergraduates enrolled in programs at UC Riverside that prepare students for professional careers in medicine and health.

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