Four Ways Employers Can Find You Online

Social media expert and UCR alumnus Joseph Yi gives advice on managing public profiles

Joseph Yi, illustrated by Zach Trenholm

UCR Magazine asked social media expert Joseph Yi what people want to know most about being online. Yi says the question everyone asks is “Can my boss find me?”

“As the digital space continues to grow, employers are turning to the digital space and social media as a way to pre-screen applicants to determine how they may fit in,” says Yi.  Employers may also use the Internet to keep tabs on their current employees.

Here’s Yi’s list of where your digital footprint can be found.

1. Email Address Search: Employers don’t need your name to look you up. Entering the email you provide on your resume into Facebook’s search box can reveal the account.

2. Google Boolean Search: Typing in an applicant’s name into Google isn’t the only way to find about an applicant. Other ways include using Google Boolean searches where two or more terms can narrow down the search to find the ‘real’ John Doe. For example, John Doe and UC Riverside will likely point to the right results. Additionally, entering in an individual’s email address into Google search can also return any results that contain that key term.

3. Username searches: One of the most common ways individuals select a username is to use their email. For example, might employ johndoe as the user ID.  On social networks like Twitter and Instagram, you are able to search for users based on their username.

4. Privacy Settings: If an employer does happen to stumble upon your Facebook page, what they see will depend on your Facebook public page view settings. To see what the public sees, click the gear symbol on the top right below your profile picture. — Litty Matthew

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