WNBA Chamique Holdsclaw Coming to UCR

WNBA superstar Chamique Holdsclaw will visit UCR for the screening of “Mind/Game,” the documentary based on Holdsclaw’s life.

Chamique Holdsclaw will visit UCR on Jan. 24, 2017. courtesy

Holdsclaw is a three-time NCAA Champion, gold medal Olympian, and mental health advocate. Holdsclaw will discuss her struggles with mental illness, her success in basketball, and message of hope.

Holdsclaw will lead a discussion and a question and answer following the screening, followed by a book signing. Join Holdsclaw at HUB 302 South on Tuesday, Jan. 24 from 6-8 p.m.

See the “Mind/Game” trailer at mindgamefilm.org.

The UCR Library Newsletter is Out Now

The UCR Library has a newsletter for students, staff, and faculty. Sign up to receive news, event information, and tips on all the material available for check-out at the Tomás Rivera, Orbach, and Music libraries, as well as in the special collections/archives division.

The latest issue discusses Rivera Library’s recent acquisition of Lost Journals of Sacajewea, calendar events, and the new mentoring summer research internship program.

Visit library.ucr.edu or click here to subscribe to the library newsletter using your first name, last name, and your email.

Screening at the Culver Center: ‘Ixcanul’


As part of the Winter Film Series, ArtsBlock presents “Ixcanul,” film debut by Guatemalan filmmaker Jayro Bustamante. “Ixcanul” chronicles the world of Kaqchikel-speaking Mayans on a coffee plantation at the base of an active volcano.

Using immersive characters and dreamlike filmography, “Ixcanul” is representative of the culture and beliefs of these disappearing peoples and traditions.

General admission tickets available online at ArtsBlock for $9.99. For more information and upcoming films, visit the ArtsBlock website.

Don’t miss the upcoming screenings:

  • Friday, Jan. 20: 7 p.m.
  • Saturday, Jan. 21: 7 p.m.

Free Nutrition Consultations

Do you have questions about your general nutrition or health? The UCR faculty and staff Wellness Program is now offering free one-to-one nutrition consultations with a registered dietitian.

In 30-minute appointments, identify barriers to your health, and address and plan for better healthy living. Appointments will be held at the University Village, Suite 208.

The appointment schedule is as follows:

  • Wednesday, Jan. 25: 8 a.m.- 5 p.m. (appointments by the half hour)
  • Thursday, Feb. 9: 8 a.m.- 5 p.m. (appointments by the half hour)

Call Nicole Collins (951) 827-5082 or email Nicole.collins@ucr.edu for questions or to schedule your one-on-one consultation.

More Did You Know?

Lecture by Deborah A. Santiago, COO of Excelencia in Education, Set for Jan. 12

Deborah A. Santiago, vice-president for policy and chief operations officer of Excelencia in Education, will explore how institutions and programs designed for non-working, full-time, finish-in-four students might adapt to a new student body.

Deborah A. Santiago
courtesy Excelencia in Education

The lecture on Thursday, Jan. 12, “Serving Post-traditional Students: Reframing Who and How We Serve,” will take place 2 to 3:30 p.m. at INTS 1113.

For more than 20 years, Santiago has led research and policy efforts from the community to national and federal levels to improve educational opportunities and success for all students. She co-founded Excelencia in Education to inform policy and practice, compel action, and collaborate with those committed and ready to act to increase student success. Santiago’s current research focuses on state and federal policy, financial aid, Hispanic-Serving Institutions, institutional practices, and student success in higher education.

See the full story. The lecture is sponsored by several UCR entities, including the Center for Ideas and Society.

CNAS Science Lecture Series Continues

The 2016-2017 Science Lecture Series, called “Are We Alone?” will focus on how the search for alien life is defining a new era of space exploration – from Mars and icy moons in our solar system to Earth-like planets orbiting distant stars.

Each event will be held from 6-7:30 p.m. at the University Theatre (Humanities 400.)

The upcoming lectures are:

  • Thursday, January 12. “Alternative Earths: How Earth’s Past Guides NASA’s Search for Life.” Speaker: Tim Lyons, a distinguished professor of biogeochemistry and the director of the Alternative Earths Astrobiology Center. The lecture will be following with a telescope viewing event called “Our Celestial Neighbors,” with a special focus on the detailed features of the full moon.
  • Wednesday, February 1. “Ocean Worlds: Missions to Icy Moons and Dwarf Planets.” Speaker: Kevin Hand, deputy project scientist, solar system exploration directorate, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory. The lecture will be followed by a hands-on science experience called “Sensing the Universe.”

See the full story for more details.

Living the Promise Symposia Looks at Health and Wellness

UC Riverside’s comprehensive fundraising campaign, Living the Promise, is offering a monthly symposia to explore important topics.

On Tuesday, Jan. 17, the symposia will focus on health and wellness, exploring its impact in the community and around the world. At the event attendees will also learn what UCR is doing to advance the study of human health, reducing healthcare disparities, and promoting prevention and wellness.

The symposia will be from 6-8 p.m. at HUB 302. See full details and RSVP for this or future events.

The Library Reveals the Tiniest Books in the Collection

“The Magic of the Miniature Book” exhibit in the Tomás Rivera Library opens Tuesday, Jan. 17.

“The Magic of the Miniature Book” exhibit in the Tomás Rivera Library opens Tuesday, Jan. 17. ucr file

This will feature a collection of miniature books from Special Collections and University Archives that will be on display on the first floor of Rivera. Books featured vary from tiny volumes that are smaller than your pinky fingernail, up to a miniature version of Thomas More’s “Utopia” that measures about 2” x 3”.

The exhibit lasts through March 30.

To see more details, or to sign up for the library newsletter:

Did You Miss the Staff Assembly Holiday Party?

The annual Staff Assembly holiday party attracted at least 400 employees to this year’s Holiday Hoedown — a country-themed celebration.

The event took place on Dec. 16 at the HUB. Visit Inside UCR to watch a photo slideshow.

Staff Assembly Holiday Hoedown took place on Dec. 16, 2016. sandra baltazar martínez

Lactation Accommodation Program Expands

UC Riverside’s Human Resources announced that effective immediately faculty, staff, and students have access to six lactation rooms and alternative options to ensure nursing mothers have a private space.

On campus the three private lactation rooms are located:

  • Sproul Hall, room 2113
  • Pierce Hall, room 2214B
  • Human Resources University Village, suite 208 room A

Each room is equipped with a table, electrical outlet, mini refrigerator, microwave, comfortable chair and a multi-user hospital grade Medela breast pump.

Three additional restricted access locations are also available to faculty, staff, and students in these locations:

  • Child Development Center
  • Center for Environmental Research & Technology (Ce-Cert)
  • UCOP IntelliCenter

Click to reserve a room and lear more about UCR’s lactation program.

FarmShare Program Partners With Sage Mountain Farms

Beginning Jan. 12, UCR’s FarmShare program begins its new season. This time, participants will receive fruits and vegetables from Sage Mountain Farms, located in Anza, a community about 20 miles east of Temecula, off Highway 371.

A small box, for two to three people, starts at $120. To sign up: sagemtfarm.csaware.com/store.

Pickup days/time: Thursdays, 4-8 p.m. during the UCR Farmer’s Market.

For more information, email: UCRFarmersMarket@ucr.edu. You can also visit UCR Wellness Program. Get to know more about Sage Mountain Farms.

UCR Extension Center Participates in Binational Cultural Exchange Program

A four-week cultural exchange program at UC Riverside came with an unexpected surprise for Antonio Carrillo, a 22-year-old college student at Universidad Tecnológica de Jalisco in Mexico. Upon his arrival in November, he was expecting to stay with a Mexican host family. Instead, he was welcomed by a Filipino family. And Carrillo loved it.

“It was not what I expected, and it was amazing. The family was wonderful,” said Carrillo, one of 24 total Mexican students from Jalisco and Puebla. They were part of Mexico’s Proyecta 100,000, an academic and scientific cooperation between Mexico and the United States. Students concluded their stay on Dec. 2 with oral history projects, all presented in English.

Proyecta 100,000 is an effort by President Enrique Peña Nieto to send 100,000 Mexican students to the United States, and receive 50,000 U.S. students in Mexico by 2018. This is aligned with President Barack Obama’s 100,000 Strong in the Americas initiative, which supports student mobility between the U.S. and countries in the Western Hemisphere. More than two dozen U.S. higher education institutions across the country are participating in this binational partnership, including the UC system.

“Between 2014 to now, the UC system has received 454 Proyecta 100,000 students,” said Veronique Rorive, assistant director of UC-Mexico Initiative, housed at UCR. The UC-Mexico Initiative was launched in January 2014 to stimulate development of new programs and partnerships involving academia, government, corporations and foundations on both sides of the border.

These students participated in four-week programs at UCR, UC Davis, UC Los Angeles, and UC San Diego. The first year UCR offered two four-week sessions, hosting about 200 Mexican students, Rorive said.

Read the full story.


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