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International Affairs to Host Open House

Faculty, staff and students are invited to visit the new office and meet the staff that runs International Affairs, Education Abroad, and International Students and Scholars programs. The Open House is scheduled for Tuesday, Oct. 4, from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. at 339 Surge Building.

Light refreshments will be served. Guests are encouraged to RSVP by September 30 to Shanon Langlie at (951) 827-1118.

Donate Hours Via UCR’s Catastrophic Leave Sharing Program

The UCR Catastrophic Leave Sharing Program provides a mechanism for employees to donate vacation hours to employees who have exhausted their paid leave balances as a result of a catastrophic illness or injury.

Employees impacted may request use of donated hours in order to temporarily continue salary and benefits.

Donations can be made in one-hour increments. To donate hours, complete the Catastrophic Leave Donation Form and forward it to Alisha French in Human Resources. If you have questions, call Alisha French at extension 2-1434 or email catleave@ucr.edu.

Bourns Hall Lab Construction

Construction has begun around Bourns Hall, and some halls an pathways will be closed to the pedestrian traffic. For short durations, closures and detours will be necessary for pedestrian safety during the delivery of equipment.

Construction will generally occur during weekdays between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. The work is planned to be completed sometime in March or April 2017.

School of Medicine Students Volunteer at San Bernardino Health Fair

On Sept. 17, students from the American Medical Student Association (AMSA) chapter at the UCR School of Medicine gave free health examinations to more than 150 people at a health fair in San Bernardino.

Patients, who traveled to the fair from various parts of inland Southern California, received free flu shots, screenings for blood pressure and diabetes, and foot exams. Cristina Tapia, a second-year medical student, volunteered her time, she said, to connect with and give back to the community. Serving the underserved is important also to Noah Ghossein, a first-year medical student; volunteering at the health fair was the most direct way for him to serve the community, he said.

UCR Medical School students, Cristina Tapia (second from the right) and Noah Ghossein (far right), test patients for diabetes, on Sept. 17 during the health fair in San Bernardino. iqbal pittalwala

UCR Medical School students, Cristina Tapia (second from the right) and Noah Ghossein (far right), test patients for diabetes, on Sept. 17 during the health fair in San Bernardino.
iqbal pittalwala

For Haroun Mohammad, co-vice president of the AMSA chapter, the health fair offers an opportunity to make an immediate impact in the community. He hopes the UCR AMSA chapter’s participation in the health fair motivates more students in medical schools to volunteer their time to serve patients who have difficulty accessing healthcare. This was the fourth year the health fair was held.

Prizes were raffled among the patients. They also received food at no charge. In total, 15 students from the School of Medicine volunteered their time at the fair, along with three attending physicians and three residents.

Highlander Hall/HR Building Set for Demolition

Demolition of Highlander Hall, adjacent to the HR Building, located on the south side of University Avenue at the 60 Freeway, began the week of Sept. 12.

Highlander Hall demolition diagram. UCR

Highlander Hall demolition diagram.

The contractor will begin installing temporary fencing surrounding the site, which will close off public access to Parking Lot 50 for the duration of the work. The project goal is to demolish these two buildings to allow for the eventual construction of a future project on the site.

Abatement/demolition activities will begin on Sept. 20. Site utility demolition and earthwork will begin around the first week of November and end by early December. Throughout construction, measures will be taken to protect pedestrians from construction activity. For short durations, closures and detours will be necessary for pedestrian safety. Throughout the project, there will be trucks entering and exiting from the site onto University Avenue. The contractor will have flagmen to control pedestrian traffic across the eastern University Avenue driveway.

For safety and security reasons, the fenced construction laydown area, located in Parking Lot 50 will be closed to the public at all times. Construction will generally occur on weekdays, however, some work will occur in the evening or on weekends, as it becomes necessary.

Individuals with permits for Parking Lot 50 who need information on alternative parking options should contact Marylynn Newbrander at marylynn.newbrander@ucr.edu.

Governmental & Community Relations Office Now Point of Contact for Campus Voter Registration

UC Riverside’s Governmental & Community Relations office is now the point of contact for campus voter registration efforts and polling site coordination (UCR Alumni & Visitors Center).

This effort was previously coordinated by the office of Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Jim Sandoval.

To inform students, and the campus community, how to register to vote in the upcoming November 8, 2016 elections, visit the updated site: www.vote.ucr.edu

People can also follow via Twitter at @UCRAdvocacy.

Basketball Clinic For Kids and Families

UCR’s men’s basketball team will be hosting a free youth clinic from 10 a.m. to 12 noon on Saturday, September 17 at Andulka Park, 5201 Chicago Ave. in Riverside.

Youth will interact with the players, will learn the fundamentals of the sports, and much more.

For questions, contact Nico Romero at nico.romero@ucr.edu or (951) 310-2827.

New Student Convocation on Sept. 20

All incoming students are encouraged to attend the ceremonial induction into the UCR family designed to promote the shared values of the university – integrity, accountability, excellence and respect.

The ceremony, scheduled for 8 a.m. Tuesday, Sept. 20 at the Pierce Lawn, will begin with a formal procession of faculty and administrators in full academic regalia. Chancellor Kim A. Wilcox, Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor Paul D’Anieri, and the Associated Students President will present remarks.

Students who live on campus should plan to walk to the Convocation. Students who are coming from off campus may park in Lot 30.

Questions about the New Student Convocation should be addressed to the Office of Event Management & Protocol at (951) 827-3144 or by e-mail to specialevents@ucr.edu.

Check out a photo gallery of the bookstore.

Staff and Faculty Invited To October’s Organizational Excellence Event

The campus-wide Organizational Excellence event, set from 9 a.m. to 12 noon on Wednesday, October 12, is meant to focus on the roles of collaboration and professional development.

The invitation was made in a campus-wide email sent by Vice Chancellor of Planning and Budget Maria Anguiano. “Our October event will highlight the importance of collaboration and community in driving excellence, challenging our borders on what is possible and considering what we can accomplish when we move towards excellence together,” she said in the statement.

People who want to attend must RSVP by September 23 at: http://oe-thepathforward.eventbrite.com.

Chef Val Offers Cooking Tips

Exercising and eating well go hand-in-hand. That’s why Chef Val is working with the Student Recreation Center’s (SRC) personal trainers. Together they will offer SRC members fitness and nutrition sessions.

For SRC members the cost is $5 per session or $35 for 10 weeks.

Cooking workshops include healthy alternatives to treats, making pre-workout snacks and incorporating macronutrients to the diet. The last joint session in August will be on August 30 from 5:30 p.m. to 6:15 p.m. For details visit SRC.

Chancellor’s Visit to Mexico Strengthens UC-Mexico Initiative

Chancellor Kim A. Wilcox will travel to Mexico on August 12 to sign two memorandum of understandings (MOUs). The first is with Mexico’s Ministry of Culture (formerly known as CONACULTA), and the second with ANUIES (Mexico’s National Association of Universities and Higher Education Institutions).

UC Riverside is the executive sponsor of the UC-Mexico Initiative, a binational relationship led by President Janet Napolitano. The Initiative encourages UC and Mexican professors to work together in areas such as environment, energy, arts and culture, education and health.

During the upcoming trip, Wilcox will meet with colleagues at FUMEC (US-Mexico Foundation for Science, Guillermo Fernández), ITAM (Rafaél Fernández de Castro and Allert Brown-Gort), and SRE (Department of Foreign Affairs, Ana Luisa Fajer), among others.

The UC-Mexico relationship is a constant priority for Napolitano. According to Mexico’s National Autonomous University’s (UNAM) digital newspaper, Gaceta, Napolitano recently met with UNAM’s Rector, Enrique Graue Wiechers at UC Berkeley. The meeting also included Wilcox and UC Berkeley Chancellor Nicholas B. Dirks (click here to read Gaceta’s Spanish-language article).

New Director of EEO & Affirmative Action

Nicole Butts has been appointed  UCR’s Director of EEO & Affirmative Action effective June 29, 2016.

Butts most recently served as the manager of Equal Employment & Affirmative Action at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. Nicole is a board member and program chair for the Greater Los Angeles Industry Liaison Group, an employer association focused on equal opportunity/affirmative action matters in support of greater workplace equality.

She is a member of the California Diversity Council and the Association of Talent Development, and is a regular expert presenter on affirmative action at the annual Society for Human Resources Management National Conference.

Butts received a bachelor’s degree in education from Howard University, and her master’s degree in human resources development from Bowie State University. She is certified as a senior certified professional by the Society for Human Resource Management, a senior professional in Human Resources by the Human Resources Certification Institute and a strategic human resources business partner by the Human Capital Institute.

ARTSblock Has a Summer Full of Exhibitions

The UCR ARTSblock has a summer full of films, events and exhibitions. Many of these run until 2017.

Among the exhibitions are “Unruly Bodies: Dismantling Larry Clark’s Tulsa,” which runs until January 2017. Visitors can also watch “For the Record…,” a series of single-channel video works highlighting Viet Nam during the French colonialism, the housing crisis in 2011 and the Tiananmen Square protest in 1989.

Visit the ARTSblock website for a full exhibition schedule.

Peace Corps Vehicle Will Visit UC Riverside

On August 23 the Peace Corps West region will be sending its Peace Car to UC Riverside; the smart cart is on a 13-state tour that aims to market and recruit for Peace Corps.

The Peace Car will also make other local stops, including Joshua Tree and other national parks to help celebrate the 100th birthday of the National Park Service.

For a tentative itinerary and to find out more about the Peace Car, visit Peace Corps West Region.

CNAS Dean’s Office Moves to Geology Building


The CNAS Dean's office has moved into the Geology building. CNAS Dean (olive green blouse) Kathryn Uhrich, speaks with (left-right) Provost Paul D'Anieri, Professor and Chair of Physics and Astronomy Umar Mohideen, Physics and Astronomy Professor Kenneth Barish, Vice Provost for International Affairs Kelechi Kalu, Academic Senate Chair and Physics and Astronomy Professor José Wudka and Dean Emeritus of Nematology and Plant Pathology Seymour Van Gundy. The team help a reception on July 29, 2016. iqbal pattalwala

The CNAS Dean’s Office has moved into the Geology building. Dean Kathryn Uhrich (olive green blouse) is seen here speaking with Dean Emeritus of Nematology and Plant Pathology Seymour Van Gundy as Provost Paul D’Anieri, to her right, listens. In the foreground are (left to right) Physics and Astronomy Professor Kenneth Barish, Divisional Dean for Physical Sciences and Mathematics Umar Mohideen, Academic Senate Chair and Physics and Astronomy Professor José Wudka and Vice Provost for International Affairs Kelechi Kalu. The reception was held on July 29, 2016 in the new location for the Dean’s Office.
Iqbal PIttalwala


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