ORI Seminar Series - The Benefits of Bilingualism

ORI Seminar Series – The Benefits of Bilingualism

Let’s talk the talk. Jan. 16 at 2:00 pm in HUB 268

UCR’s Office of Research Integrity (ORI) is proud to present the first 2018 talk in the Seminar Series. The ORI Seminar Series focus on ethical dilemmas and hot topics in human subjects research.

January’s seminar, entitled “The Benefits of Bilingualism”, will be led by Dr. Judith Koll, Distinguished Professor in UCR’s Psychology Department and Director of the Bilingualism, Mind, and Brain Lab. The talk will take place on January 16 at 2:00 pm in HUB 268.

The use of two or more languages is common in most places in the world.  Yet, until recently, bilingualism has been considered a complicating factor for understanding language, cognition, and the brain. In the past 20 years, there has been an upsurge of research that examines the cognitive and neural bases of second language learning and bilingualism and the resulting consequences for cognition and for brain structure and function over the lifespan. Contrary to the view that bilingualism complicates language system, the new research demonstrates that all languages that are known and used become part of the same language system in a very natural way. In this talk, Dr. Koll will illustrate this approach to research and consider the consequences that bilingualism holds more generally for society when language learning and active bilingualism are encouraged. She will also discuss the ethical considerations raised by research that involves speakers of different languages and international collaboration.

Judith F. Kroll is Distinguished Professor of Psychology at the University of California, Riverside and the former director of the Center for Language Science at Pennsylvania State University. She held faculty positions at Swarthmore College, Rutgers University, Mount Holyoke College, and Penn State University before joining the faculty at UC Riverside in 2016. The research that she and her students conduct concerns the way that bilinguals juggle the presence of two languages in one mind and brain. Their work, supported by grants from NSF and NIH, shows that bilingualism provides a tool for revealing the interplay between language and cognition that is otherwise obscure in speakers of one language alone.

This seminar is free and open to the public. No registration is required but seating is limited. Light refreshments will be provided.

Are We Alone?

Following the lecture, peruse an exhibition featuring some of the most intriguing of the 3,545 exoplanets confirmed so far.

Last year the UCR the Palm Desert Center launched a new free lecture series from the College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences, and it was their most popular yet.

Attend the first lecture of the year, and learn how scientists hope to find life beyond Earth, and what that might mean for humanity.

Alien Worlds: UCR’s Cosmic Frontier

Speaker: Stephen Kane, associate professor of astrobiology, Department of Earth Sciences, and associate director, Alternative Earths Astrobiology Center.

Dr. Kane will describe UCR’s newest cosmic research frontier – the detection and characterization of planets orbiting distant stars using data from many of the world’s most important ground- and space-based telescopes.

If You Go:

  • Date: Jan. 16
  • Time: 6 p.m.
  • Location: UCR Palm Desert auditorium
    75080 Frank Sinatra Drive
    Palm Desert, CA 92211

Please register here.

Free Yoga and Tai-Chi Classes, On Campus This Winter

Amir Zaki, professor of art, will be holding free Yoga and Tai-Chi classes all winter. The two practices focus on a healthy, self-awareness of mind & body, and offer a space for participants to cultivate energy and relaxation. Classes do not require sign up, but recommend appropriate dress (see information below). Yoga mats will not be provided.

If You Go:


  • Date: Tuesdays
  • Time: noon- 1 p.m.
  • Location: Outside, between INTS and Hinderaker (if weather permits)
  • More Information: Wear flat shoes and comfortable clothes


  • Date: Thursdays
  • Time: noon- 1 p.m.
  • Location: INTS 1111( The Round Room)
  • More Information: Bring own yoga mat and wear comfortable clothes

For more information email amir.zaki@ucr.edu



Know These UCPATH Changes Before Going on Break

Paychecks and portals will be transitioning to UCPath over break.

A new year and a new system are just days away. Make sure you’re familiar with the new look and functionality of the 2018 paychecks, and the new portal system, rolling out in the coming weeks.


Your paycheck will look different (see the UCPath Bi-Weekly Paycheck sample and timeline matrix). These differences include changes that typically occur at the beginning of each year and changes that will occur as a result of the UCPath implementation.

Some key changes include:

-New employee ID numbers, which appear on the UCPath paycheck and in the UCPath portal.

-Paycheck statements will now be available in the UCPath portal two days before pay day.

-Vacation and sick leave balances will now be shown in the UCPath portal rather than on paychecks. Employees can view their leave balances in the portal.


Where to go: new UCPath online portal at ucpath.universityofcalifornia.edu.

-At Your Service Online will be view only for the services moving to the new UCPath Portal. To see the changes of AYSO and the Portal, click here.

-Employees and managers have different functionalities in their portals. Explore these quick tutorials for employees and for managers.

-Now you can update your personal information quickly and easily, plus view your paychecks, leave balances and benefit elections.

Download the portal handout: http://fomucpath.ucr.edu/portalinformation.pdf 

Learn more about UCPath at http://fomucpath.ucr.edu

Annual Staff Assembly Holiday Party

Annual Staff Assembly Holiday Party

Mark your calendars for Dec 15.

The annual staff assembly holiday party is right around the corner. This year, enjoy a Mad Hatter themed party with live entertainment from the LA based 80’s band, The Breakfast Club. Canned goods for the R’Pantry will be accepted as donations at the door. Donations will grant guests an extra raffle ticket. The party is open to all staff members and student employees. Wear a crazy hat to get an additional raffle ticket. The party includes tasty food, lots of prizes and lots of fun.

If You Go:

  • Date: Dec. 15
  • Time: 2- 4 p.m.
  • Location: HUB 302
  • Read More

The Habit Donates More than $4,000 to R’Pantry

(Left to right) Teresa Garcia, Kyle Stiefel, Jaime Ramos, Daniel Lopez, David Henry, Audrey Lim, Robin Hungerford, Devon Sakamoto.

UCR’s food pantry, the R’Pantry, recently received a donation of $4,648.09 from The Habit Burger Grill, one of UCR’s newest campus restaurants.

The check was a result of The Habit’s commitment to education, said Jaime Ramos, The Habit’s district manager. The restaurants’s management decided to donate 100 percent of sales on Nov. 14, The Habit’s soft opening.

The Habit is one of three new restaurants on campus. It replaces Latitude Fifty-Five, which shut down over the summer.

The Habit’s support for the R’Pantry is exciting and empowering, said Devon Sakamoto, director of The Well, UCR’s student health and wellness office that also includes the R’Pantry. The R’Pantry received the check on Nov. 30.

Sandra Baltazar Martinez

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