Diversity Recruitment Incentive Program Announces Winners

Last year, Joseph W. Childers, the dean of UCR’s graduate division, announced a competition for programs that did the best job of recruiting domestic, underrepresented, minority Ph.D. students to UCR. To be as fair as possible in determining winners, various factors —such as the growing population of the campus and the percentages of the underrepresented minority population for the past three years—were taken into account.

This year’s winners were announced in November. They are:

CHASS:   Psychology

CNAS:  Math

BCOE:  Materials Science and Engineering

Each of these programs will be awarded $32,000, which may be used to support graduate students in good standing in any cohort.

Two programs were very close runners-up:

CNAS:   Chemistry

CHASS:  English

These programs will be awarded $15,000 each, which may be used to support graduate students in good standing in any cohort.


Biweekly Pay Transition Assistance Available for Eligible Employees

To assist all nonexempt staff and employees transitioning to the biweekly pay schedule that begins on Jan. 20, UCR is offering two temporary transition-assistance programs for employees who meet eligibility requirements. These programs have been established in recognition of the fact that some employees may need extra financial help during the transition.

Eligible employees include those in career, contract and limited appointments (including probationary). Additional eligibility information can be found in the Transition Assistance Program Matrix.

The application period is Dec. 3 to Jan. 11. Eligible employees may apply for either or both of the following programs: the Short-term (no interest) Loan and the Vacation/Compensatory Time Accrual Cash-Out Program.

The details for the Vacation/Compensatory Time Accrual Cash-Out Program are as follows:

  • Vacation/CTO that is accrued through Jan. 19 will be available for cash-out
  • Vacation/CTO hours requested for cash-out will be committed to the Vacation/Cash-Out Program once the application is received in Payroll
  • Vacation/CTO hours requested for cash-out will be committed to the Vacation/Cash-Out Program once the application is received in Payroll. If, as a result, employees are left with fewer than 24 hours of vacation time, they will be eligible to use up to 24 hours of vacation, in advance of accrual, during the December curtailment period
  • Those employees who request the Vacation/CTO Cash-Out Program are responsible for maintaining vacation/CTO balances sufficient to fulfill the hours requested for cash-out (e.g., if 80 hours are requested, then the employee must ensure 80 hours are still available for cash-out on Feb. 1).

Participation by exclusively represented employees is subject to the collective bargaining requirements of the Higher Education Employer-Employee Relations Act. At this time, all affected nonrepresented RX, TX, SX, EX, HX, CX and PA employees who meet the requirements of the UCR transition assistance programs may participate.

For more information on the conversion to biweekly pay, please visit: ucpath.ucr.edu/biweekly.  For more information on the Transition Assistance Programs, please visit: ucpath.ucr.edu/biweekly/assistance.html. You can also contact Heidie Rhodes in Human Resources at extension 2-2463 or email heidie.rhodes@ucr.edu.

Be a Friend to a UCR International Student

For the second year in a row, the UCR International Education Center (IEC) is offering university faculty and staff members an opportunity to connect with an international student through the Friendship Family Program.

Unlike other host programs where international students come to live with American families, the families and individuals enrolled in the Friendship Family Program invite an international student to share events throughout the school year, from family meals to holiday celebrations or to simply enjoy an evening of conversation.

The program allows international students to experience American culture and family life in a very personal and intimate way, while giving the family an opportunity to learn about a different way of life.

“We want our international students to thrive in their new home,” said Karen McComb, interim director of the IEC. “And we can do it with the help of the campus community.”

The program is accepting applications for the current school year. To learn more, contact Wendy Hernandez at (951) 827-3828 or wendy.hernandez@ucr.edu.

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