Susan Ossman Publishes New Book

Susan Ossman

Susan Ossman, professor of anthropology and director of the Global Studies Program, has published a new book, “Moving Matters: Paths of Serial Migration” (Stanford University Press, December 2012). The book presents a portrait of serial migrants — people who have lived in several countries and learned to negotiate borders and legal restrictions each time they move.

Stanford University Press writes that Ossman “follows this diverse and growing population not only to understand how paths of serial movement produce certain ways of life, but also to illuminate an ongoing tension between global fluidity and the power of nation-states. Ultimately, her lyrical reflection on migration and social diversity offers an illustration of how taking mobility as a starting point fundamentally alters our understanding of subjectivity, politics, and social life.”

David Swanson Appears as Expert Witness on Enrollment Trends

David Swanson

David Swanson, a demographer and professor of sociology, appeared as an expert witness about enrollment trends in Tennessee counties in a U.S. District Court trial regarding the creation of new municipal school districts and school boards.

The federal judge cited Swanson’s population forecasts and testimony in his Nov. 27 ruling against a 2012 state law that permitted the creation of new municipal school districts.

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