The best thing I could say is, you do have to be a really good listener. If I go to a family reunion and there's 400 people there, everybody comes up to tell me their story, right? And I think when you're a good listener, then you can imagine how someone's talking — dialogue is your key friend, is it not?

Susan Straight, professor of creative writing, on her writing process and advice to aspiring writers


What we offer is intended to help doctors polish what they've learnt, build on it and keep up with the forefront of knowledge in medicine.

Phyllis Guze, senior executive dean of the School of Medicine, on UCR’s involvement with the American College of Physicians (ACP) and how it intends to increase its membership in India and offer medical education lessons and knowledge-exchange workshops to medical students and practicing doctors across India


Evolutionary biologists believe that sexual variety is adaptive, and that it evolved to prevent incest and inbreeding in ancestral environments. The idea is that when our spouse becomes as familiar to us as a sibling — when we've become family — we cease to be sexually attracted to each other.

Sonja Lyubomirsky, professor of psychology, on studies that show newlyweds experience a happiness boost that lasts for about two years before wearing off


To build a pathway for creating the most successful students, all educators should be communicating about expected competencies as students transition from kindergarten to college… We have to think about this as a K-20 strategy.

Pamela Clute, professor of mathematics, on UCR’s partnerships with Riverside and San Bernardino school districts as a means of improving coursework requirements and increasing digital literacy to help college and career options for needy students


The majority of Muslim scholars, leaders, and activists whose major concerns are ritualistic and the legalistic aspects of Islam, themselves have not seen the environmental issues and problems as their immediate concern …Besides, like other monotheists in general, they see human beings as superior over the natural world.

Muhamad Ali, assistant professor of religious studies, on how Muslim countries interpret debate over climate change


Students really have equated the Therapy Fluffies to stress relief and finals. They know that they're here to just be able to come and relax and calm the mood and the nerves before final exams.

Stacey Grady, mental health educator, on how Therapy Fluffies, an event that brings therapy dogs to campus, helps students relax during finals week


The last forty years have witnessed the rise of Hispanic and Latino as umbrella identities — for example, the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. But these umbrella terms have not replaced specific national-origin identities. Rather they now co-exist …The development of Hispanic identity and shared Latino culture (as differentiated from Latin American culture) is likely to be one of the fundamental stories of 21st century multicultural America.

Carlos E. Cortés, professor emeritus of history, on the difference between the terms heritage, identity and culture, and the importance of those terms to Hispanic and Latino identity


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