Exam printing changes

As part of a premier institution, we have the critically important job of maintaining the academic mission of UC Riverside. A crucial part of academic integrity is the security of exams. Countless hours are spent developing challenging and comprehensive exams to test the effectiveness of instruction. It’s for this reason why UCR Printing & Reprographics takes great pride and care in the printing of exams.

As many of you may have heard, Printing & Reprographics (P&R) will be moving from the Atlanta Ave. facility to the Corporation Yard here on campus. As part of this move, additional printing jobs (including exams) will be moved from the Business Store modular (at Pierce Hall) to the new P&R location in the Corporation Yard, beginning December 3, 2018. These changes will increase operational efficiencies and reduce long standing deficits, without impact to customer service.

Exam printing jobs can still be dropped off and picked up at the Business Store location. Exams will be transferred to/from the Business Store via secured transport and printed by the same experienced team at P&R. Student employees will not be involved in any part of the printing or transport process. For standard exam printing orders, please allow 2 to 3 business days for completion. For same day orders, please allow at least 4 hours for completion. A rush order fee of $15 will apply to same day orders.

-Mike Clemons
Director | Campus Business Services

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Parking dollars at work

Parking dollars at work

This summer UC Riverside’s Transportation and Parking Services department repaved approximately 800,000 square feet of campus roads and asphalt – that’s equivalent to about 14 football fields.

The three-week project included repaving streets, roads, loading docks, removing and replacing asphalt, and road resealing. Cost of the work was nearly one million dollars, said Irma Henderson, director of Transportation and Parking Services, also known as TAPS.

Funding for this project came from the 2017-2018 parking permit increase fees and operational savings. TAPS is an auxiliary operation, which means it cannot use state funds for construction and maintenance of parking spaces and facilities. The money must come from user fees, such as parking permits.

“It’s us using our funds for our customers’ benefit. We raised the parking rates, but have set aside the money for parking infrastructure improvements. We are making good on those commitments,” Henderson said.

Sandra Baltazar Martínez

Drive Electric Week 'Ride and Drive' Event Sept. 16.

Local dealers on site along with a taco truck and raffle prizes!

Welcome to the Inland Empire National Drive Electric Week Ride and Drive event which will be held on Sunday, September 16, 2018 at 10 AM through 2PM. It is being held under the solar canopies near the charging stations at CE-CERT, 1084 Columbia Ave, Riverside. It will be a showcase for plug-in electric vehicles and renewable energy. There will be ride-and-drives with local car dealers and a taco truck.

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